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Zip Lining at Kereita Forest adventure tour

Zip lining in Kenya has grown in popularity over the past few years, and while somewhat resembles a daredevil challenge, this should be an essential item on your bucket list.

However, your zip lining activity in Kenya can become an addiction.  The activities offered at Kereita are zip lining, archery, paint balling, fishing, tree planting, biking & hiking.

Kereita forest is located in Lari Kiambu County, approximately 60 kms from Nairobi. Kereita forest forms part of Aberdares National Park and is home to magnificent Gatamaiyu river.

The main activity of this mini destination is zip lining. Before you fly over the forest strapped to a metal wire, you first have to go through the assessment center. You will then be provided with zip lining gear and briefed on safety.

The most important thing to remember is your safety, which is the highest priority. If you can manage to get a camera attached to you so you can capture your zip lining experience, it is advisable to have a professional do the work.

Risking your safety while whipping out a phone in midair is not advisable especially if it involves breaking some of the instructions given by your trained guide. Ensure the full-body harness fits you and do not rush the experience; enjoy every minute.

Clients are briefed on how to position on the line and how to ‘brake’ when approaching the end of the line.  Then there is practice on the trial zip to ensure one understands the instructions. It is incredibly easy though so no need for worry. The assessments and safety briefs will take at least 30 minutes.

The next step takes you to the actual zip. The view 100 meters above the forest and the speed makes you want even more when you get to the end of the line.

Zip lining charges in Kenya vary depending on the location of the zip line as well as many other variables, but Kereita charges between $30 (Ksh3,000) and $50 (Ksh5,000).

Their gates are open from 5:00 AM through to 6:00 PM, and from the zip lines, you can see various animals such as monkeys, elephants, bats, and different bird species.

Kereita Forest has a six zip lines with the first names The Colobus Catapult and is 425m long. This zip line launches you from the Adventure center across the valley to the second zip line, The Flying Elephant with speeds of up to 60kph.

The Flying Elephant is 385m long and has a spectacular aerial view of the forest. The third zip line is called The Eagle’s Nest and is 395m long.

It gets its nickname from the eagle’s characteristic of soaring high above ground than most flying animals. At 150ft, you will have a perfect view of the giant trees in Kereita Forest as well as the canopies that make the forest such a beautiful sight.

The Big Sky is the fourth zip line (360m) with a direct view of Mt. Kenya and leads to The Mooooving Target (325m). The latter gets its name from the cows that love this trail because if its amazing views.

In addition to that, the view from the hill-top restaurant is mainly made up of evergreen trees, undulating hills and a navy blue horizon.

Zip lining is not only a fun activity but a chance to improve your eyesight as well. It helps enhance long distance vision and considering your eyes are supposed to switch focus every few seconds, zip lining also enhances your focus.

The fresh air presented by nature when zip lining is also a significant advantage for zip lining and therapeutic to your body. The wind helps cleanse toxins from your respiratory system allowing your body to function more efficiently.

Zip lining is also an excellent way of reducing stress and can help burn calories. A lot of people might not factor things such as walking to another zip line or climbing a hill to get to the zip line, but they are part of the zip lining activity. For you booking, please contact us

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