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Botanical adventure walks, best with pallid safaris at the Ngong road forest sanctuary.

Botanical adventure walk at the Ngong road forest sanctuary. NB: (Not to be confused with the Ngong Hills), the Ngong Forest Sanctuary is another managed forest in the west end of the city, in Jamhuri, about 6 km from the CBD.

For Botanical adventures, the forest is divided by the Ngong Road into two main sections, the Miotoni Section to the North West and the Racecourse and Kibera section to the South East. These sections in turn are divided by the Southern Bypass. It’s one of the few designated forests in the world located within city limits, and it’s a great place to explore the natural flora of Kenya.

The main headwaters of the Ngong River (also known as the Motonie River) lie within the forest, which also forms part of the upper catchment area for the Athi river.

In addition to botanical adventure, the forest has at least 100 different bird species, attracted by the over 350 species of indigenous and exotic plantation and long paths to stroll around. It is open to the public, so anyone can visit.

Birdwatchers have spotted 113 different bird species within the forest; these include the African Harrier Hawk as well as crows, ducks, owls, sparrows, doves, weavers, vultures, starlings, hoopoes, honey guides, trogons and narina trogons. The forest is also home to a pair of Crowned Eagles.

The best running options in the forest are the 5 km perimeter. The terrain consists of narrow dirt paths running along seasonal rivers and wetlands.

Diverse communities neighbour the Ngong Road Forest, ranging from the affluent residents of Miotoni, Forest Edge, Karen and Dagoretti to the slums of Mutuini Village, Lenana/Ngong Road, Riruta and Kibera. 

After rain, there can be some mud, but these lush woods are a cool place to outrun the heat.

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