Kenya Safaris holiday have enchanted travellers for centuries with the allure of wildlife, spectacular scenery and exotic tribes. Kenya safaris holiday comprises of wildlife, culture and the cradle of mankind – a natural paradise and land of contrasts, with world famous national parks like the Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli, Tsavo and Mt Kenya.


Maasai Mara.

kenya safaris holiday at Masai Mara is not only one of the popular destination in Kenya but in Africa as well. Masai Mara is regarded as the jewel of wildlife viewing in Kenya.

Situated in the Great Rift Valley, the reserve is primarily open grassland. The annual wildebeest migration involving over 1.5 million animals arriving from Serengeti in early July departing in November.

The migrating animals are tracked by predators: lion, leopard, cheetah, and hyena, and circled by vultures as their journey unfolds. Their dramatic river crossings are a reality for tourists visiting in early July-August. Apart from the seasonal migration, game viewing is excellent year round.

The Kenya safaris holiday game includes elephant, black rhino, buffalo, plains zebra, hartebeest, and big cats. There have been some 95 species of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles and over 400 birds’ species recorded on the reserve.


Amboseli National Park is located in Loitoktok District, Rift Valley Province of Kenya. The ecosystem mainly savannah grassland spread across the Kenya-Tanzania border at the foot of the amazing Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa.

The park is famous for being the best place in Africa to get close to free-ranging wild animals such as herds of elephants, zebras, buffaloes, lions, wildebeest, cheetahs and over 400 birds. It is also home to the Masai people who can often be seen grazing their livestock at the edges of the park.

Lake Nakuru:

The waters of Lake Nakuru are most famous for its millions of pink flamingos and other water birds. The ecosystem provides for about 56 different species of mammals include the white rhino and buffaloes and a variety of terrestrial birds of up to 450 species.

Lake Naivasha

On a Kenya safaris holiday, the Lake Naivasha is home to an array of birdlife which includes fish eagles, ospreys and lily-trotters, as well as larger grazers such as zebra, impala, giraffe and hippos. The lake is ideally situated for some relaxation at the start or end of your holiday.

Meru National Park

The Meru National Park covers an area of 1,813 square kilometres to the northeast of Kenya. Meru is not a reserve to come and tick off the big five, but rather it’s a wilderness experience. It is perhaps best known for Elsa the lioness, who was released here and made famous by Joy Adamson’s books.

The Laikipia Plateau

Stretching over a vast area from the foothills of Mount Kenya to the shores of Lake Baringo, the Laikipia Plateau is one of Kenya’s lesser-known wildlife areas. It’s far from the beaten track and the place to relax in total wilderness.


Samburu National Reserve is situated on the northern wilderness of Kenya. While on a Kenya safaris holiday, the Uaso Nyiro River cuts through this reserve, drawing a big population of wildlife in the reserve. The river bustles with activity from its huge population of Nile crocodiles.

The Kenya safaris holiday in this reserve’s topography is mainly open savannah (grassland) with clusters of acacia trees, forest, thorn trees and grassland vegetation. The game reserve is renowned for its rare species of animals unique to the park, namely: the long necked gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and Beisa Oryx. The elusive Kenya leopard is a resident here.

Other Kenya safaris holiday wildlife present in the park includes cheetahs and lions, as well as elephants, buffalo and hippos. Birdlife is as plentiful as wildlife at Samburu National Reserve, which boasts over 350 different species of birds including vultures, kingfishers, marabous, bateleurs, guinea fowl, Somali ostriches and others.

Tsavo east & Tsavo west:

The Joint mass of Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks forms one of the largest National parks in the world and covers a massive 4% of Kenya’s total land area. Tsavo East the larger of the two, lies to the east of the Nairobi –Mombasa road, equidistant between Nairobi and Mombasa, and offers a vast and untapped arena of an arid bush which is washed by azure and emerald meandering of Galana River.

Guarded by the limitless lava reaches of Yatta plateau and patrolled by some of the largest elephant herds in Kenya. The Park is home to most of the larger mammals, vast herds of dust-red elephant, Rhino, buffalo, lion, leopard, pods of hippo, crocodile, waterbucks, Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk, and Hirola