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What are the requirements for someone to visit East Africa?

East Africa is situated in the African Content within the reach of the equator. Its one of the African regions that offer all types of weather conditions in the world. From Savannah lands to peak point, mountains, rain forests and amazing summer beach areas.

To Visit East Africa, you will need :-

  1. Visa Valid as from time of arrival till time of departure. You can apply for your visa by visiting the online government site here
  2. Valid passport
  3. Certified yellow fever certificate while visiting Tanzania and Uganda, only recommended in Kenya
  4. Carry anti malaria / mosquito repellent items to help you be off any malaria infections
  5. Travel insurance from your insurance company from your home country. Most Safaris we offer do not offer travel insurance, unless you would want Cheetah Safaris to be arranged for you from a local insurance company.

E. Africa can be accessed by different types of airlines. You can use the Kenya Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, KLM among many other airlines. With the recent schedule direct flights from Kenya to USA, Kenya Airways can now accommodate more tourists from S. America, USA and Canada.

Access Airports:- Kenya has 3 International airports; the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Nairobi City Capital City of Kenya), Moi International Airport (Mombasa, Coastal Airport) and Kisumu International Airport (Kisumu Region). Most flights always Land to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and when there are flights delays or emergencies, flights are always diverted to Moi International Airport on notice.

All our safaris do not include flight charges, visa charges and any international charges incurred to arrive in Kenya. We only cover ground handling in different destinations chosen. Otherwise, we organize for your internal flights, visas are extra charges within the regions and countries visited

What type of clothing and items should one bring on an East African Safari?

A safari is a casual affair. Safari dress is casual, preferably neutral colours (e.g. khaki, brown or green); T-shirts and shorts/skirts for the day; long-sleeved cool shirts and long pants with socks for evenings outdoors (for the mosquitoes); good walking shoes; swimsuit; warm sweater or light coat for early morning and night safari drives; polarizing sunglasses; a hat or cap; a good camera and plenty of film (you will not be able to get the film you need in remote areas); sun block cream (SPF 30 or higher)

If you are prone to sunburn; malaria medication; insect repellent (often supplied by your lodge); scarf and gloves for cool evenings especially in the winter months (June – August) – yes, it can be cold in the early mornings and evenings; and a good pair of binoculars (essential).

While hiking in the forest, it is best to keep your skin covered. Rain jackets are recommended as afternoon showers can occur any time of the year. We provide our guests with complete packing lists and discuss clothing tips we have learned in hiking these forests over the years.

Are Pallid Safaris guides trained and qualified?

Pallid Safaris endeavours to provide the best services in East Africa. In this regard, we have invested a lot on qualified, trained professional guides who are well equipped with tour guiding knowledge.

Our Guides are bronze, silver and Gold Rated by the KPSGA, KWS, and other government relevant bodies.

They are members of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association that ensures professionalism is maintained within their members. They are also certified by the Tourism Regulatory Authority to operate as Tour Guides and Drives in East Africa.

What are the payment plans and methods for Pallid Safaris?

Payment Methods

Pallid Safaris accepts online payment by credit card, direct swift banking payment, zoom with extra charges for transactions, cheques and PDQ Credit card payments (21 days before safari).

Bank Transfers takes 2-5 Days to be reflected in our accounts and incurs charges on sending the money.

Charges on Payments

Cards via PDQ Machine and Online Credit Payments deducts you between 3% and 6% per transaction.

Is My Money Safe with Pallid Safaris: –

We guarantee you that your money is safe with us in any instance you pay Cheetah Safaris for your safari or any other services offered to you.

We are fully registered and operational Tour Company in Kenya by the relevant Tourism Bodies such as the Tourism Regulatory Authority.

Please visit our booking terms and conditions to view our Payments Plans for your safaris.

What are the rules to abide by when Gorillas Trekking?

 The park rangers are very strict in managing gorilla and human contact.

The rules include:

  • No more than eight guests are allowed to view each of the habituated gorilla families at any one time.
  • You should maintain a distance of at least seven meters or 23 feet from the gorillas. The gorillas will break the rules occasionally. In such cases, one should step back.
  • Do not do anything that may cause the gorillas stress or exhibit any behavior that they may see as a challenge. One must respect their space, speak very quietly, and avoid unnecessary movement.
  • Do not touch the gorillas or try to make contact.
  • Do not use flash cameras.
  • Do not eat or smoke.
  • Leave nothing behind but footprints.

Is there an age limit for Gorillas Trekking?

The age limit for gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda is 15 years of age and democratic republic of Congo is 14 years. While it’s possible for you to have an excellent gorilla safari with your kids, sometimes its rather hard.

How much does an East African Safari Cost?

There is a safari priced for just about everybody, but there are major differences in accommodations, services, transportation and food. It’s important that you consider how much “roughing’ it” you’re willing to do before you plan your safari.

If you are interested in a custom tour for you and your family, this will also affect the price tag. Generally speaking, you would spend $400 US Dollars to $900 US Dollars per person, per day range. You might stay in luxury Camps and Lodges, have full service camping and some domestic flight time. If you can pay between $1000 and $2500 per person per day, you can stay in small, remote, five-star lodges and luxury plus camps and travel more by plane (it’s less tiring and offers spectacular views!).

Other factors that up the price are exotic modes of travel, such as by hot air balloon and special cultural experiences such as visiting a bush home, will be more expensive. Don’t forget airfare to Africa, which isn’t necessarily included in your safari package. 

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